Forgive me, but because of interacting with kids on a regular basis, this rhyme is the first thing that came to mind.

Which raises the question, why do we even have such ridiculous nursery rhymes?

Most of them are illogical, and when you read some interpretations about them, they are downright scary or sad. Did I spend so many days of mirth running around in circles with my friends singing about the plague? How did I not realise that the old woman living in a shoe was assaulting her children. And having to eat nine days old peas porridge is so sad and unfortunate.
Yet rhymes were sung to make the harsh times sound less harsh. To build up apathy from an early age.

Then we had all these sexist fairy tales, where a major portion of them involved a damsel waiting for her prince to come and give her her happily ever after. Endure all the crap that is thrown at you with a smile on your face without protest, and then and only then will magic come your way.

O I know your probably nodding your head and giving thanks that times have changed. Today we have better stories, better fables. We are making a conscious effort at integration.

Really? Do you really think we have changed?

We don’t have rhymes to desensitise our kids; instead we have graphic TV news and even more gory games. Despite inclusion, objectification of the female form has hardly changed. Look at the women in a video game, and chances are she will have breasts that could put Pamela Anderson to shame and a butt that could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money!
I’m not saying women shouldn’t look a particular way, but every woman need not look like that.

Anybody in marketing and advertising will tell you, sex and violence sells. Shock and scandal sells. The absurd still attracts attention. And as long as these facts stand true, we have not really changed for the better. Something is still very wrong.

This porridge needs to be fixed.

In response to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt – Hot/Cold


One thought on “Peas Porridge

  1. Unfortunately misogyny and objectification is the sad reality. Decades of economic growth and consistent campaigns haven’t changed it. Hope generations of tomorrow have a more open society. Good write.

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