Shit… I mean, this is not like my usual route or anything. Usually I take the highway. But today Eddy’s with me, and he’s so slow, I mean, had I known I never would have brought him along. First he’s late getting out of his house, then he like takes double the time to cycle uphill. So I think, bloody hell, at this rate we are going to be late. So I decide lets cut through the reserve. Ya, there is a fence and all that, be it’s pretty easy to just duck under and pull the cycle through. I’m telling Eddy we need to speed up. That’s when the fool hits smack into a rock and goes flying across, landing down there. Shit, I’m scared he’s dead or something. Then he gets up laughing, actually laughing. All cool man, he says, the leaves cushioned my fall. I’m so damn relieved. Then suddenly I see the bone sticking out of his arm and I’m screaming, Eddy man, your bones sticking out. At first he’s shit scared, and then he realises it’s not his fucking bone. That’s when he saw the damn skeleton…

In response to The Sunday Photo Fiction challenge of 24th September 2017.
Photo credited to A Mixed Bag 2013

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