Curious Cat came charging back from her prowl. “The hunter is coming. ” she screeched.
“We’re dead,” wailed Timid Mouse.
“He would never hurt us,” defended Loyal Dog.
“He would not dare,” roared Brave Lion.
“We cant be sure,” squeaked Quiet Mouse.
“Let’s run away,” suggested Slippery Eel.
“Peacocks don’t run, we promenade,” scoffed Proud Peacock.
“We’ll fight him,” challenged Strong Ox.
“And I suppose you’ll ward off his bullets with your horns,” taunted Mischievous Monkey.
“I have a plan,” suggested Sly Fox.
Now none of the animals trusted the cunning fox. They were unwilling to listen.
“Let him try,” insisted Stubborn Mule.
“Yes, if anyone can out-fox the hunter, it’s him,” added Eager Beaver.
“He’s getting closer,” spotted Tall Giraffe.

To everyone’s surprise, fox took off towards the hunter. No sooner did the hunter spot him, than he charged towards the ranger station, crashing into the ‘No Poaching’ board with a loud thud. Hearing the noise, the ranger rushed out, only to spot the hunter.
Quickly circling back to his friends, “We are safe. The poacher has been apprehended.” informed the clever fox.
All the animals cheered.

“Its good to be brave. It’s even better to be smart,” declared Wise Owl.

In response to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge of 1st October 2017 based on a photo by A Mixed Bag 2012

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