Sensing my fear, Michelle slipped his hands into mine.

I liked that he didn’t question me or offer platitudes. It was more of a It’s ok, I got you kind of a gesture. He gave me the courage to look up, look around.

And I saw Adam.

I saw Adam coming down the travellator, his arms around a giggling brunette. Yes, Adam with his condescending jokes. Recalling his acrophobia japes reminded me that I was going uphill; UP A BLOODY MOUNTAIN. I froze.

“Shhh, almost there baby.” Michelle’s voice flowed through me like a soothing balm. Closing my eyes and mind, I leaned into him, until cool winds told me that we were already there.

I looked into Michelle’s warm eyes. Perhaps he was the one.

In response to Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday challenge of Week 39
based on a photo by Bikurgurl

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