When he lost mum, his beloved wife of 52 years, I expected changes.

I expected depression, memory loss, crankiness, health issues. What I did not expect was for him to call me up and announce that we were going to Egypt.

My parents did not travel.

Theirs was not an extraordinary tale.

They were born in Puducheri, went to school here, and lived their life here. He as a boring Chemistry professor, and she a History teacher. Thanks to mum’s fear of flying, they never went anywhere further than where a car or a train could take them, and even that was rare.

So where did this sudden inspiration to travel come from?

It wasn’t like he was very excited to be in Egypt either. He glumly followed the tour guide where ever he led.

It was in the Valley of the Queens that he perked up. Looking all around, he finally picked a place, and proceeded to take a mysterious bag out of his fanny pack.

“Daddy, what are you planning to do?”

“Scatter her ashes.
Her greatest wish was to see the pyramids. I have finally brought her here.
Now my queen will rest amidst the other immortal queens.”

Photo © Kathryn Forbes 2009

Written in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge of October 8th 2017

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