The Coast Guard Ship was on a standard patrol run.

Captain Manoj would have probably not noticed anything had it not been for the fact that he was on the deck for a smoke and just happened to spot a kindred soul on the barge.

But what was that? Was the dude actually asleep with a lit cigarette. On a barge carrying fuel!

The Captain decided to move closer and hopefully get the guy to wake up before something dangerous happened. Any more smoking related accidents and they might just implement that smoking ban that the papers had been hinting at.

That’s when he noticed the ropes going overboard.

The barge had not dropped anchor. His gut told him that something was not right, and Manoj had learned to trust his gut.

It was when the coast guard boarded the barge and hauled up the ropes that they found the vacuum sealed boxes of narco.

He couldn’t wait to tell his wife. Some good could come of smoking. She was not going to like that!

In response to the 136th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge based on a photo by BarbCT/Gallimaufry.

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