Hello. Boss? This is Ricco.
The crew are still fighting for that raise. I know the ship is scheduled to sail tomorrow. They are threatening not to work unless you promise them a raise.
Yes. They have signed agreements. Yes, all of them.
No No. No need to threaten arrest. I’ll talk to them right away.

Hey man. This is Ricco.
Just spoke to the boss. He wont budge. Says to tell you that your messing with the wrong man. Unless you’re guys report to work tomorrow, he’s going to have you arrested.
No, he’s not bluffing. He can do it man. You signed an agreement, remember.
You better convince your boys.
Sorry man. I tried.

Boss? Boss? This is Ricco.
One of the lifeboats came crashing down right before we started boarding.
No. No one got hurt, but we can’t sail now.
No, we wont be able to sail until we do a full safety inspection.
You better get here soon. The passengers are screaming, threatening to sue.
Ya. Right now. No, I’ll handle that. You need to come handle the passengers.
I don’t know how it happened. The cables snapped. No, they were new cables. The crew inspected them.
Sabotage? I can’t say boss.
Hello. Boss? Boss…

In response to the Sunday Photo Fictioneers challenge of October 15th 2017, based on a photo by A Mixed Bag 2013.

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