Lonely people
walking down grey cobbled streets
huddled within themselves
on a cold dreary day
small fragile finite
insignificant before the ode they built to themselves
where creation superceded creator.

A brief crossing
accidental meeting of eyes
quick hellos
look away before you start to see
secure in space bubbles
with impenetrable masks.

What brings them out
to these cold lonely streets
buying striving acquiring
achieving milestones
collecting trinkets
to leave behind.

Life starts with an inhale
and ends with an exhale
Each breath between a lifeline.
Fill your tapestry with colour
make it intertwined
revel in the chaos
Be the butterfly
whose flap affects the world.

Inspired by a photo by Marie Gail Stratford posted by Rochelle for her Friday Fictioneers challenge of 10th November 2017.

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