Dear Daddy,

Do you remember the day I left home? You held me in your arms and whispered – “Go where your heart leads you, but always remember that this is your home. Your safe harbour in a storm. We will always be here for you.”

Daddy, I had many adventures, and just like you said, some were good, some were hard. But why didn’t you warn me about the pirates? Cause they do exist.
He came without warning. I was foolishly unprepared. He looted and plunder and left me for dead without even a backward glance.

You thought your baby was a big strong ship sailing out to explore the world. But daddy, in truth I was a feeble little sail boat, pushed by the winds, dragged by the currents. I set out to find new worlds, but ended up just bobbing out at sea.

I’m lost now.

All that I have is the memory of your promise, of my lighthouse, my safe harbour.

I’m tired and weather-beaten daddy. Please take me home.

Your daughter.

P.S. My address follows…

In response to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge of November 26th 2017

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