I don’t normally rummage through garbage. Specially not if its a filthy cardboard box in what could potentially (read that as probably) be a bio-hazard dumpster.

Today I did.

I rolled up my sleeves, looked around for anything that could substitute for gloves, managed to find one plastic bag, looked for another, eventually gave up, and simply dug in with two bare hands. After all I have 24 hours to take a tetanus shot.

There are laws against driving with a kitten without a carrier, but I’d rather pay the fine than leave her behind.

Something tells me that after one look into those beautiful yellow orbs, the cop’s gonna give me a pass.

In response to Priceless Joy’s 144th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge based on a picture by Enisa.

12 thoughts on “Magical orbs

  1. I found a kitty in my dumpster one day and gave it to my neighbor. Turned out it was hers and her boyfriend was trying to get rid of it. Terrible! She broke up with her boyfriend. Cats do have beautiful eyes so I can see the cop giving her a pass! Great story!


    1. Creep. I can’t understand how people can be cruel to animals. Just because you don’t like them does not mean you can I’ll treat them. But I’ve heard such horrible stories about cruelty to animals- it’s heartbreaking.


      1. Yes, it really is heartbreaking! This poor little kitty – it was a good thing I discovered him before the trash men came otherwise he would have been creamed!!


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