Oblique comments – how I hate them.
They leave you tethering on the precipice. Not direct enough that you can tell the speaker to piss off, and yet not so subtle that you miss their meaning. They leave you with such a bitter taste.

Would I rather that they just come out and say it? I don’t know about that either. There are far too many people who think that they can get away with being rude, simply by claiming that they are being frank. Mind you, frank is rarely a two way street.

As someone who has always avoided any form of confrontation, I suppose I should take oblique over frank. At least this way I can simmer and run through a mind-blogging arsenal of quick and witty retorts in my head, that I could have said if only they had been explicit. Frank, leaves me with only one excuse. I am the more polite person, which sorta makes me feel like the spineless gutless coward.

Ideally I would like every one to just mind their own business. Everyone should be very polite to everyone all the time. But where am I going to find that ideal world!

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In response to the Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “liqu.”

3 thoughts on “The oblique clique

  1. Ditto on everyone minding their own business – why is that so hard? People piss-n-moan about never having enough TIME but they’ll use it to obsere and criticize other people. Frankly, I just can’t care enough.


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