Hold up Marc, wait for me.

Him and his long legs. The man doesn’t know what a relaxed walk is. It was the same thing every damn morning at the park. He races off.
It’s called a morning walk, Annie, not a stroll,’ he would laugh off my complaints.

He’s doing it again. This time Sammy is with him. Always a daddy’s boy.

Sammy, wait for mommy. Both of you stop. Don’t just keep walking.

The man at the end of the tunnel. So familiar. Yet I cannot place him. He’s staring. Why is he staring! Panic grips me. I start walking faster. As fast as I can. I’m unable to get close enough. They still can’t hear me. I need to walk faster. I start running. My legs feel like dead weight.

Marc, Sammy, stop.

Suddenly I’m jolted. Pulled out of the tunnel. Plunged into darkness. There is a man leaning over me. ‘Ma’am can you hear me. Please don’t move. You were in an accident. Can you tell me your name?’

Marc, Sammy, stop.
Let me go. I need to get to my family.

‘Ma’am, please don’t try to get up. Is Marc your husband? Was he driving the car?’

In response to The Sunday Photo Fiction – May 20, 2018 challenge.
Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

8 thoughts on “Faster…Walk faster…

    1. ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ or ‘walk towards the light’. Its interesting how this picture could take so many perspectives 🙂


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