When life catches you unawares, it’s not always a good surprise.

The change was slow. It started with a calm tranquility descending upon us, like the entire universe had finally found balance. Then un-containable joy. Through the mist of the fountain’s waters everything looked so vibrant and beautiful. Its exquisiteness took my breath away.

I sat there, taking it all in, feeling light and free, as if I had sprouted wings and could now fly.

The tingling that started from my heart soon encompassed my entire body and I reached out for my love. Did he feel it too?

But where was Seth? Who was this young child beside me? And why was he looking at me so strangely?

The old seer had called it the fountain of youth. The answer to all our problems. Never had we imagined that it would affect us physically.

In response to the 169th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge based on a photo prompt provided by wildverbs.

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