Well, my television appears to have called it a day. The quest for a younger and more efficient replacement is on. So, when I read the prompt ‘round’, I start thinking of curved screens and surround sound. Wading though a dozen comparison sites I have realized one thing, they were all merely rehashing the same analysis, and me the fool was going around in circles reading the same thing.

Luckily my obsessive web surfing was interrupted by my son who wanted me to pick him up from the station. It’s my lucky Sunday, he has deigned to come home.

We have a round dinner table, with a rotating center. He’s walking around it and comments, ‘I miss walking in circles.’ That’s so strange. His college has nice manicured lawns and he misses walking in circles! But then I realise, its not the table or walking in circles, it’s the familiarity of things that we did as children. The comfort of what was. It’s exhilarating to spread our wings and soar, to explore, but every once in a way, it’s nice to come back to our nest.

Very soon he’s going to stop missing walking in circles around the table. His mind will be on other more exciting adventures. But some day, when he reflects upon his own childhood, that round table is going to star in a few memories.

I know it does in mine. My mother never tires of telling people how she personally designed the table when she was pregnant with me. And I always tag on about how I would sit on it and spin as a child. She’s too old to bear the weight of children atop her, so now my kid walks around. Three generations of attachment to a damn round table!

In response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday word prompt – ‘Round’

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