Lord have mercy.
This was going to be one of those conversations.

You have to drink the milk, Simon.

I think the word you’re looking for is should drink the milk.

OK wise guy. You should drink the milk.


Should. Milk is a whole food. It’s good for you.

Hmm, says here that A whole food, is a natural food that has not been processed or has been refined as little as possible. This milk is pasteurized. Not a whole food.

I meant that it’s a complete food. And don’t start reading out that definition.

Well, if its so complete then why did they have to enrich it with Probiotic and Vitamin D, E and K2, drones his machine-imitation voice.

I’m trapped in a maelstrom of irritation, frustration, pride. I see the twinkle in his eye. He thinks that he’s won the argument.
I play the trump card.

Then will you please drink it cause it would make mommy really really happy?

The twinkle dims a little.

In response to the 185th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, based on a photo contributed by Yinglan.

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