He should have felt guilty for cheating on Stella.
But he didn’t.

She was a good gal, Stella, but she was the boss’s daughter, and that screwed with the marital balance.

Now the new bar tender at the Tipsy Tavern, Tracy, she made him feel like a real man. Her perfect hour glass figure, legs that went up to her armpits, and tits that were to die for.

Tonight, was the night. She was going away with him for the weekend. Tonight, he would score.

So engrossed was he in his reverie, that it wasn’t until his name was called, that he noticed her.

“Stella honey, what are you doing here?”

“Just wanted a last drink with you before you went off. Oh, and I thought I’d introduce you to my best friend Tracy. So sorry, but she won’t be accompanying you.”

He would have tried denial, but she was too smart for that. Gulping down the glass placed before him, he started pleading. “Stell, forgive me. I’m sorry. It will never happen again. If your dad knows, he’ll kill me.”

“He won’t, because Tracy already did.” She ran her finger around the rim of the now empty glass. “Transdermal toxin. It won’t hurt.”

And it didn’t.

In response to the Sunday Photo Fiction – Sept 30, 2018 challenge; based on a photo by Susan Spaulding

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