She was the pampered daughter.

Designer clothes, Barbie dolls, expensive trinkets, she got whatever she wanted; even college, even though it was on the other side of the river. She was never expected to work, but they agreed that an educated mother could give her children a better upbringing.

Of course, she was warned to stay away from the riff-raffs from the fishing hamlet. “We employ the lower caste, we don’t fraternize with them,” grandfather had explained.

But used to having her own way, she thought that she could convince them that she wanted Rajesh.

“So, what if he lives across the river? The only thing that divides us is a bridge,” she argued.

They brought her Rajesh; but he was missing a heartbeat.

Some bridges cannot be crossed.

The pampered daughter can have whatever she wants. So long as those are things that don’t impact the ‘family honour’.
After all, a girl can’t ask for too much!

In response to Priceless Joy’s 187th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, based on a photo by Michelle De Angelis.

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