Here’s something that I have finally digested courtesy my journey on WordPress – Human issues are the same irrespective of where you’re from.

For the longest of times I blamed my culture, my family, my religion, my parents, and above all else, me.

I had issues… I had more issues than I deserved… My issues were unique to me… Life was unfair to me… I was responsible for my problems… I deserved my problems… I was unworthy because I could not overcome my problems…

The usual yada yada.

I am a reasonably well-read person. I have read enough to know that acceptance, and not blame, is the key to health. I toggle between bouts of self-pity and self-awareness, interspaced with long pauses of denial.

Would life have been different had I been born in another time, another place, to another family? Perhaps. Would life have been pain-free? No.

There is no pain-free. There are only different shades and grades.

I write about issues unique to my culture and generation. People from different cultures and generations tell me that they understand. I read what they have written. I understand. Sometimes we compare notes. My fellow bloggers could just as easily have been my neighbours. That’s the ease we share.

We are all bound by a common thread – we are born human.

In response to Linda’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday “digest”

5 thoughts on “The thread that binds

  1. I connect to all of this! I feel like I’m walking a tightrope, balancing between sitting in the pain of what life throws at me and getting back on my horse and overcoming it. I’ve been stuck lately, thinking it was someone else’s responsibility to help me to let go of things. It finally clicked this week that this is MY job. I knew this the whole time, but I didn’t feel it. I guess I had to sit in it long enough, until I was ready.

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