#JusJoJan Jan. 4th 2019

Virgobeauty’s word for our prompt today is “enigmatic.”

BTW did you know that WikiHow has a page on How to be enigmatic… and another on How to be mysterious… and How to be uniquedifferentfreaky

Someone who sits and writes this stuff must be pretty enigmatic!

Something else that’s enigmatic – the World Wide Web.
We just keep putting stuff out on it. Sense, nonsense, fact, non-fact, fiction, good, bad, utterly rubbish. And it just says give me moregive me moregive me all you’ve got

I spend hours web surfing, then hours reading, then hours dissing what I read, and then, completely un-dissuaded, I go back to surfing.

The relationship between the internet and its users – now that Enigmatic.

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