#JusJoJan 6 Jan 2019
Sadje prompts us to write using the word ‘Master’

I miss my master.

When he stepped into a room, his aura would light the place up, and you knew, from the acceleration of your hear-beat, that you had to stop everything else and pay obeisance to his beauty.

He loved me, his piercing gaze assured me of that; but his lazy swagger, his slow sinewy stretch, the elegance with which he took his seat, alerted me to the fact that I was blessed to be in the presence of the wise one, who would now ponder endlessly upon the mysteries of the universe.
The master needed his space and quiet.

He is one with the cosmos now, while I remain upon this mortal realm, honoured to have been graced by his love.

In my visions of heaven, I get to curl up beside him.


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