I am a tea drinker. Always have been.
5 cups…6 cups…is there a limit to the tea that one can drink?

Tea was comfort food for me. A wakeup call, a constant buddy who accompanied me as I wandered around in the maze of my mind, a soothing companion to watch tele with. Tea was almost a family member. In fact, tea was a sibling.

But then coffee decided to come into town.

Coffee with his deep baritone and heady aroma.

Tea is safe, they said. But coffee had a unique magnetic pull. Coffee said, come, let’s get out of your head and explore new paths. Let’s loose some sleep and find some adventures. Let me wrap you up in my aroma – you just snuggle in and inhale.

A lot can happen over coffee once sounded like a corny tag line. Until it became the truth of my life.

I met him over cups of coffee. I accepted him over cups of coffee. We merged over cups of coffee.

I am a tea drinker who loves coffee; and I toasted this over Champaign.

I am unique. I am exotic. I am complete.

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