You ask me – Does anything even matter anymore?

Well, let me counter. If it didn’t, would you even be asking the question?

Image by Heather Mount

The human spirit, my friend, is like a cockroach. It will survive anything.

You may be under the blazing sun, you may be in beautiful meadows, the powers that be may have flushed you down a drain, the world may appear to be in the bowels of desperation, but if you look hard enough, you will find that little cockroach.

It may look lost. It may look dead. But believe you me, it will eventually start gasping for breath. Micro-inch by micro-inch it will crawl forward. And before you know it, that ferocious little sucker will be dashing away before your eyes.

Does anything even matter anymore?

We are not the first to ask this question, nor will we be the last.

It is this seemingly hopeless call that will herald a revolution.

Life will always matter. The future will always matter. Truth will always matter.

And even if there are but a few good people, this question will be asked, the people will rally, and this question will be answered.

Yes, it matters.


Written for 100 Word Wednesday: 168

3 thoughts on “This cockroach

  1. YES! I was thinking the same thing: If you have to ask, of COURSE anything and everything matters! I think it’s all a matter of perspective – who is asking the question and what matters to individuals vs. communities vs. corporations vs. governments vs. environment vs. . . .

    So glad you joined us this week 🖤


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