I’m So Excited…

Today (technically yesterday) we went to inspect our new apartment.

I am really excited because this symbolizes a step towards a new future.

To be honest, I love the home that I live in now. It’s my home of 25 years and a place of great significance. It was gifted to me by my father, a man who I adore and miss so much. I brought up my beautiful baby boy in these very rooms. Each brick here can tell you the story of our lives. Yet, this beautiful edifice is also the very place where I chose to hide from myself, from the world and all its cruelty. These floors are soaked with my tears. The dreams of my early womanhood lie buried beneath this soil.

But now I have opened my heart again. I have dared to hope again. Liberating myself from this prison of my own making, I have decided to spread my wings and take a leap of faith.

I love my old home, the sense of familiarity, security and comfort that it effuses me with; but I am also excited about my new home, from where I will have new adventures and fulfil new dreams.

This apartment may not be it. It may only be another step in the journey of my life. But that’s what really matters I suppose. That I don’t stagnate and atrophy but instead keep moving forward. Life is a gift and I intend to honour that gift by actually living it.

It took me a while to understand this one simple truth, and now that I understand it, I’m excited.

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley

In response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of Oct 3/2020 “new/old.”

7 thoughts on “Half way there

  1. I have always felt invigorated by moving into a new place. It’s a chance to feel something different, to make the space my own by however I decorate or whoever comes to visit. Enjoy your new surroundings and I hope you find both joy and peace there.


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