She sits at the table sipping her long-gotten-cold tea. The concept of time no longer applies to her.

“Finish your tea, mama.”

My words don’t startle her… don’t interrupt any thought. At least she doesn’t view me as a stranger today.

“The boys will be coming home for dinner.”

Vacant eyes communicate that she’s yet to process who ‘the boys’ are.

The pictures on the wall bear witness to a beautiful life filled with family and friends. Yet all that her mind sees is a long empty road.

Suddenly she breaks into a heart wrenchingly beautiful smile – “You look pretty today,” she says.

Image by Bikurgurl

My thoughts on 100 Word Wednesday 170 prompt

3 thoughts on “Frozen tea

  1. How lovely and sad. Seeing the long road of emptiness in what was once a life full of family, friends, and love is not only heartbreaking for those afflicted, but the very loved ones around them 🖤 I had anticipated this being a piece about the disconnectedness we {I} feel in the pandemic, but it is so much more. Beautiful piece – thank you for joining us again this week 🖤


      1. I’m so glad you liked it! I’ve just uploaded our next prompt! Keep an eye out: It posts every Wednesday at 12am Pacific! Thank you for joining us 🖤


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