Fandango’s 92nd provocative question of this week is – Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?

The blogsphere, to me, is a place where I go to express my feelings unfettered. I blog anonymously so that my blogger persona is not constrained by the constrictions of my ‘world’ persona.

I call neither persona my real self. My true self is definitely a consolidated embodiment of all my persona.

But I was brought up to be a ‘lady’ in the conventional sense of the word… Which means that I was always told to colour within the box, mind my words, and not utter every thought that pops into my head without first weighing it. In all fairness my parents did not set off to control me; just mould me into what they believed was a polite, considerate and respectful person. Their ideology shaped me into who I am – a very stable and amicable person who will never offer an unsolicited opinion or advice and who will just nod politely when I don’t agree with you.

Being politically correct and sensitive to other’s feelings was prudence and consideration, and there would be ‘a time and place for everything’.

Well, I finally found that time and place in blogsphere.

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