This Friday’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “jour.”

My jour today was spent like many other journeymen dividing my time between journeyworks and the journos; wondering if a certain individual will complete his sojourn in a certain place and adjourn to somewhere else, which many of my friends are journaling could be anywhere else as long as it’s a place of no return.

There – my SOCS target is met.

I’m afraid that I cannot say the same for many of my other targets. My journal aka my phone, has this pesky ToDo list that refuses to shrink. Knock one off his perch and another one pops up, sometimes bringing along a few other entrants just for shits and giggles. Tenacious b***.

One very persistent document has taken up sojourn on my system’s screen and keeps trying to grab or tab my attention even while I am tending to matters of far more importance like this little journalistic entry. He too refuses to adjourn without a forceful dismissal.

Some jours are just destined to be boring!

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