Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last thing you put in your fridge.” 

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The last thing that I put in my fridge was ‘roti’ or Indian flatbread.

Now if you are picturing something round and soft and fluffy – please don’t. At our place we gravitate towards the more abstract. No dull perfect circles. No Sir, we like our rotis in a myriad of shapes. When we pick it up, we like to guess which country or continent’s map it resembles. On other days it could just be the stages of the moon blocked by clouds (if you are feeling a little artistically inclined).

Sometimes, just to add nuances to the palate, we serve them half done or half burnt. You know, lest it be said that dinner is a boring affair at our table.

As for our fridge… Ah, what can I say about our fridge. It is that mysterious place where things go to miraculously disappear. Apparently, no body opens it at night. And yet…! I suppose the food gets teleported to where-we-shall-never-know and the dirty dishes get teleported to the sink. Now if only those dirty dishes would just as magically clean themselves… but hey, let’s not be too greedy for the paranormal.  

I find it more prudent (and peaceful) to just get up in the morning and take a fresh inventory before planning the day’s menu.

Of course, I also find it prudent to freeze anything that I want to keep safe from the mysteries of the night.

Written in response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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