It is almost 10am. Well, 7 minutes to 10, to be exact. I cannot be late for this meeting. As the new and only female partner in what was once an exclusive boys club, there were enough scurrilous stories going around. No dearth of liars and gossip-mongers at the firm for sure. Sorry, but the kids decided to get capricious over breakfast was certainly not something that I could say. They would have a field day with it.

My head is pounding. I must make utmost haste.  

Management 101 – Delegate.

I start hollering out instructions as I rush up to the study. “Sammy, clear the table… June, go get your workbooks… Until mum finishes her meeting you both stay here and finish your assignments. No fighting, or you lose TV time. Honey, please open my laptop and launch the Zoom application.”

Three minutes to go. Yes! Made it.

I am about to turn on the video when I suddenly have one lucid moment – I am still in my night shirt.

Damn it.  


Written in response to the following prompts:
FOWC with Fandango  – Capricious, Lucid; Your Daily Word – Delegate, Utmost; Word of the Day – Haste, Scurrilous, Application; Ragtag Daily Prompt – Liars, Breakfast

5 thoughts on “Rush

  1. Uh oh – a last minute issue and it was all going so well until then. But then again, there’s three minutes left. I think she’ll be able to change into something more suited for a video call.

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