I try to collect all the memories together.

Some come willingly. As if they were just hoovering around on the fringes waiting to be called. First one, then another, and then another. They start as a trickle but rapidly gush in like a deluge. They fill my mind leaving almost no place for anything else. Permeate everything with a dark desolate fog.

These negative memories. They come back so easily. Their weight almost buries me.

That cannot be right! Life was not all misery and misfortune. No one is all bad.

So, I search a little. Actually, sit back and make an effort to recall.

Yes, there was happy moments too. Little ones. Simple ones. Nothing grand. Nothing instagrammable. But yet enough to provide an anchor to endure the fiercest storms. An oar to cross the choppy waters.

That is the remarkable power of happy memories. They may be but a small candle in the dark, but that candle is enough to dispel the darkness and slowly but surely its aroma infuses the mind with hope and faith. Just enough to fight for a better future.

It is now in my hands to sit down and sort through the collection. Hold on to the happy memories and shut the door on the depressing ones.

Easier said than done? I know. But as humans we are designed to be resilient. To endure. If my survival depends on this sorting, then sort I must.  

In response to SOCS prompt – Collect

Also Word of the Day (Trickle) and FOWC with Fandango (Permeate)

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