“My life is ruined. Death is my only option.”

She was going berserk with every foam and cream that there was.

“Don’t be dramatic. This is transitory.”

“No one is going to want to be friends with me. Or sit beside me in the classroom. I’ll never make it to the team… and I’ll probably never make it to college.”

I try to keep my voice calm. “The relationships and laurels that actually matter, do not hinge on the superficial.”

On hindsight that was probably not the right thing to say at that moment.  

Tears gushed down her stricken face. “I hate you. You don’t understand anything.”

I suppose I should have been more effusive with my sympathy. My poor teenager was convinced that she was now condemned to lead a life sans bliss.

Apparently, acne is a problem of biblical proportions!


Written in response to the following prompts – FOWC (transitory, berserk), Word of the Day (relationship, gush), Your Daily Word Prompt (effusive, laurels), The Daily Spur (classroom, death), Ragtag Daily Prompt (friend, bliss), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (foam, biblical)

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