When Venus aligns with Mars on a no moon night, a mystical atmospheric haze settles upon the forest. The birds and bats that are normally aplenty are conspicuous by their sudden absence.  It is then that she emerges from the depths of the yew tree. Limb by limb she blossoms and unfurls until she takes the form of an exquisite woman bedecked in forest leaves and feathers. Finally free, if only for a night, she swirls and floats through forest. Many a tale extol her beauty, yet no one really knows who she is. Is she a manifestation of the yew or a prisoner of its confines? What does she desire? Who does she seek? They say that she makes her way towards the graveyard at the edge of the village. There she sits awhile singing the most melancholy and melodic tune. Perhaps her love rests there? The tales of the villagers are so cluttered with speculations that we will never really know. Eventually just before the dawn’s first kiss she disappears into the old shed never to be seen again until the next celestial night when Venus aligns with Mars on a no moon night.

– NataliaDrepina


Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s photo challenge #368, using word prompts from FOWC (conspicuous, clutter), Word of the Day (atmospheric), Your Daily Word Prompt (aplenty), The Daily Spur (graveyard), Ragtag Daily Prompt (The old shed), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (feather).

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