I have no clue how I got here.

At this juncture, I concede that I am not even sure of where I am.

Had I actually hacked it? Cause the last thing that I remember was ladling cold soup into my mouth as I stared at the numbers running across all four monitors. The scripts were likely not compatible with my distribution of the code but I had been running out of ideas. A long shot was still a shot…

I look around at the poorly lit street. The only flickering lights are coming from a nondescript looking place a few yards away. Based on the callithumpian noise I would guess – a nightclub or karaoke bar of sorts. I am probably going to regret this, but I start moving cautiously towards it. As I cross the street, a figure steps out and eagerly waves me forward. “Come on in… come on… we the best in town… We host the best… we serve the best… come on…” Seeing as this might be one of the only places open in town right now, that doesn’t mean much.  

The spruiker is a rather odd looking chap. Pale paint covering a weedy face is making him look an almost sickly green. He is dressed strangely too. His black coattail paired with fluorescent bloomers is certainly not a trend that I have ever seen. What I had first think to be dreadlocks turns out to be a wig of twine. He scratches his head and a I catch a glimpse of bright leafy green. My excitement starts to grow.

He opens the door and I step inside.

This was it. I had breached the wall and made the transition.


In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge # 370

Using word prompts from FOWC (hack, juncture), Word of the Day (trend, callithumpian), Your Daily Word Prompt (twine, lade), The Daily Spur (clue, distribution), Ragtag Daily Prompt (breach, spruiker), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (transition, concede).

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