Nanny was a snitch.

I may not have clear memories of the actual acts of betrayal, but I know my mum and I can confidently say that it was probably the second line item in the terms of employment. Line-item number one would have been ‘stalk my daughter at all times.’

Mother believed (and continues to believe) that it the solemn duty of everyone to report about everyone else to her. She had impeccable technique when it came to gleaning out information. Privacy was categorised as one of those concepts that did not apply between her and me cause the umbilical cord had rendered that null and void.

But I digress.

I (and over half my town) have been told that this incident occurred when I was around 5 years old (I may be slightly off with the timeline).

Leaving me under the watchful eyes of nanny, dad and mum left to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends. Happy little me stood on the balcony of our apartment waving goodbye with nanny right by my side. Nanny was probably relieved too, to have her mistress gone for a while. For the next few hours she would have complete reign over the castle.

Evidently, I had the same idea.  With the speed of the devil (again hearsay) I dashed inside and locked the balcony door.  Nanny was trapped in the balcony until my parents returned. I was now free to explore all restricted territories and tackle any and all treasures as I saw fit.

I do not recall what happened thereafter (PTSD?). Needless to say, my chicanery was rewarded with abundant fustigation. Nanny, I gather, decided to promote herself to ex-nanny. Poor mum was back on the market to find another saint.  

Now I know myself. It is not as if I had any keen longing for punishments. Why then I ask you was I forced to resort to such extreme measures? Why indeed?

Obviously, nanny was a snitch.

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Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Sunday Writing Prompt – The Nanny/ Genre – Humour; I hope this tickles your fancy cause this incident is actually autobiographical 😉

Using word prompts from FOWC (keen, tackle), Word of the Day (technique, treasure), Your Daily Word Prompt (chicanery, fustigate), The Daily Spur (promotion, category), Ragtag Daily Prompt (market find, glean), MMA Storytime’s Word of t he Day (timeline, territory).

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