It was his fervent prayer that he would connect with the cosmopolitan audience through his speech. They were a seething cauldron of emotions. Excuses, cover-ups and overviews would not do. If he did not furnish all the details and allay their fears, then all would be lost. An enormous mistake had been made, but the party would not take the fall for one man’s ego.

He stepped on to the podium amidst hostile glares and boos, and commenced…

My friends, I have come to admit the truth before you. An erogenous mistake has been made… but it was a private act… the leader was not a witness to it…

Suddenly there was a pregnant pause. Then fallowed a guffaw of laughter and snickers. Something was wrong.

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Written using word prompts from FOWC (overview, cosmopolitan, pregnant), Word of the Day (prayer, furnish), Your Daily Word Prompt (allay, egregious), The Daily Spur (lost), Ragtag Daily Prompt (cauldron, erogenous), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (private, ego). 

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