Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: word that contains ‘igh.’

While it may not be right, let me shed some light on my fight with my weight.

At my age, that’s all the number ‘igh’ words that I can remember.

I’m proud to say that I put the lockdown to good use in order to work out seriously. A regiment of aerobics in the morning and walking in the evening supported by the absence of restaurants yielded good results and I managed to lose quite a bit a weight. But then they started easing the lockdown. Food delivery started. My weight reduction plateaued. At least I was maintaining – I was content. Restaurants opened. Slowly my weight has started creeping up. It is so unfair. My constitution is my own worst enemy. My knees are my major monitors. A few more pounds and I know that they will start creaking out warnings. If only I could bring my heart and body to want the same thing.

Has anybody tried hypnotherapy for weight loss? I am seriously reading up on it.

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