I am the monster of every story.

I am the monster who is tearing apart the intricate venation that is family.

It was my fault. For years I kept quiet. I honestly believed that I should not be panhandling for what was mine by right. On the few occasions when I tried to express my displeasure, I was shut down by aggressive accusations. The head of the family was not to be questioned. As the good wife it was my duty to always place the desires of the family before my own. Surely, I was not attempting to disunite the family. When he raised his voice, it was boisterous expression. When I raised my voice, it was poor upbringing.  

Slowly but surely, he brought me to a point where peace and quiet became my only need. Keep quiet and do not rock the boat. Smile and maintain a façade of a happy family.

But with age came change. The fake smile began to hurt. And then one day I gave up. I took the mask off and walked away.

Frantic negotiations started. Symbolic concessions were offered. Religion was quoted. Social stigma was cited. Expressions of alleged love were made.

But it was too little too late. There was no turning back for me.

And then the stories started. Of course, I am the monster of every story.

But this monster is too tired to care.

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Walking Girl Sketch by ClairCaprice on Deviant Art

Written in response to Mindlovemiser’s Menagerie’s First Line Friday prompt of 2 July 2021 which challenges us to start with the line: I am the monster of every story.

Written using word prompts from FOWC (symbolic), Word of the Day (frantic, boisterous), Your Daily Word Prompt (disunite), The Daily Spur (rock), Ragtag Daily Prompt (venation, off), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (change, panhandle).

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