He does not need four wall clocks.

Hell, in the era of smartphones, even one wall clock was obsolete.

But he is smart enough to know that optics matter. When clients see a smartly dressed man with a pile of papers on his desk with world times behind him, they assume that his business is international and that he has a deluge of work that he is frenetically trying to complete. When they try to call, he lets it go to voice mail. He waits for them to repeat the call. He begs off on the plea that he was ‘on another call’.

The optics elicit the perfect reaction. If he has so much work, then he must be good.

That is the genius of the plan. Everything was online. The clients will never know that ‘the office’ was just one corner of his bedroom.

photo from Jarmoluk at Pixabay.com

Written in response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #125

Using word prompts from FOWC (repeat), Word of the Day (frenetic), Your Daily Word Prompt (obsolete), The Daily Spur (plea, reaction), Ragtag Daily Prompt (deluge), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (genius).

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