“My neck hurts. I need a coffee.”

“Woman, you have no patience. Your arch was inadequate, and you need to hold the pose until I give you the signal.”

“Hold the pose! I have been staring at those damn stars for so long that they transitioned from silvery to black. All the blood rushed to the back of my head. Any longer and I would have toppled over.”

“Impatience is a model’s nemesis. You barely stood still awhile.”

“And you need to click before my hair turns grey and my feet petrify.”

“Models and their tantrums. Your hair needs to be adjusted again.”

“Don’t you dare come any closer. Not until I get that damn coffee. You’re aiming for the one-shot street photography contest, not the Pulitzer.”

-Source unknown


Written in response to:

Using word prompts from FOWC (inadequate), Word of the Day (silvery), Your Daily Word Prompt (while), The Daily Spur (signal), Ragtag Daily Prompt (nemesis), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (coffee).

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