Don’t cross the line! Stay on the straight path.

But riddle me this…. What is a line? Is a line still a line when you change your perspective?

Maybe it looks like a line cause you are just too far away. Maybe when you get really really close, you will realize that the line is just a series of dots with sufficient space between for you to go past. Or perhaps you will discover that it is actually a path, albeit narrow, that you could actually walk along cause it meanders just enough to give you the room you need.

Then there is the other perspective. Maybe you think it’s a line cause you are too far embedded in it. From a bird’s eye perspective your line would be a dot and you would realize that unless you wanted to stagnate, you must cross the line.

And riddle number 2: How would you know if you were actually viewing from the right perspective? Is there even a right perspective?

Written for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Straight or Narrow

3 thoughts on “The line

  1. Ah, yes – similar to the dream theory – we’re not really living this life we’re dreaming it!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with our weekend challenge. 🙂

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