“I have diverticulitis?”

“What’s that? An irritating ability to divert attention to yourself?”

black and white ceramic figurine
Adrian Swancar on Unsplash 

He shook his head so vehemently that I half expected it to snap and fly off.

Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between genuine cluelessness and faked innocence. No such doubt here. This schmo definitely fell under the former category. Winning the Wordle challenge would not just get us extra credits but also give us cachet with the literature club. Here we were about to get defeated and he was oblivious of that.

“We are going to lose because of you,” I hissed. “We have but a minute to rap this Wordle.”

Before I could shout any further, he stepped on to the stage and began…

The tocsin is sounding and I step forward like a rocket

Don’t pinch your nose girl, I got the contest in my pocket

I see the people on the fence and their looks so prejudicial

This brother’s gonna lick his wounds when the judges blow their whistle

No lookin crestfallen girl, like your future’s gonna wobble

I may be standing on a pile of shit but I ain’t gonna topple

This brother’s come out of the edges and he’s here to win this battle

Rap is in my blood and I am the king of the Wordle.

<mic drop>


<thundering applause>

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #252 (Pinch, Nose, Topple, Tocsin- a signal, especially of alarm, sounded on a bell or bells., Contest, Forward, Crestfallen, Fence, Edge, Pile, Whistle, Lick), and Photo Challenge #376; also Fandango’s Story Starter #5 (Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between…); using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (oblivious), Word of the Day Challenge (schmo), Ragtag Daily Prompt (diverticulitis), The Daily Spur (defeated), Your Daily Word Prompt (cachet)

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