The world after would be scarlet.

Why? Because we did the blue planet thing – it was a man’s world. Housekeeping was bad (no pun intended), we could not sustain, and it all went to shit. No point in seeking forgiveness… we just need to seek better.

Time to think pink… and rainbow.   

That’s the accord. The patriarchy had a marathon run. It’s time to mix it up. Erase old prejudices. Think out of the box. Forget he/she/they/them… too confusing. Let everything be it. Human kind, animal kind, organic, inorganic – let it all be it.  Drop this assumption that mankind tops all other species. Develop a more sustainable and fair model of existence.

Let the world after have an after.

Written in response to Tale Weaver of 5 Aug 21 that asks us to imagine The World After; using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (sustain), Word of the Day Challenge (scarlet), Ragtag Daily Prompt (marathon), The Daily Spur (forgiveness), Your Daily Word Prompt (accord) and My Vivid Blog (tops)

3 thoughts on “Cause we stained this world in blood

  1. Hopefully, this time the ever after will be modified by “happily”. If we acknowledge that, as humans, as top of the food chain just won’t cut it next time around, perhaps there is a chance for that modifier.

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