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Officer, I don’t think you sufficiently appreciate the anguish that these fanciful accusations have inflicted upon my family. I am the victim here. The pond lies in my estate. That I allowed the boys access to it is indicative of my generosity. Sure. Sometimes I would go by and take a swim with them, talk to them. I am not supercilious like others of my station… Well yes, sometimes alone… Yes, sometimes they came to the mansion for a treat. A reprise from their normally abstemious life. Perhaps the pendant was dropped during one of those visits. The parents should be appreciative that I took time out of my busy schedule to… mentor the boys… inspire them, if you will… encourage them to have higher aspirations than their fathers. What happened is unfortunate. I am appalled that it could have occurred on my property. But to imply that I had any role in those macabre events is sheer paranoia…

Yet, I am a fair man. I wish to mitigate any further speculations and have spoken to your Commissioner, a close friend of mine as you might know. He shall be calling you personally. No no… which ingrate is misleading you with that nonsense? I have no need to offer anyone hush money. Not with my connections! It was but an attempt to make their life easier. I merely suggested that a relocation and a fresh start away from this malicious gossip might be in their best interest.

Ah… I have been blessed with so much. Call me idealistic, but I like to share my good fortune with my friends. Tell me… I hear that you have a daughter who wishes to go study science in the City University. I happen to know the Dean. I would be glad to put in a good word. Perhaps even generate a scholarship. I am always happy to help out a friend. I can consider you a friend, can I not?

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Written in response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #133 and Fandango’s Story Starter #9 where the teaser is I don’t think you sufficiently appreciate… using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (ingrate, macabre, generate), Word of the Day Challenge (mitigate, supercilious, indicative), Ragtag Daily Prompt (fanciful), The Daily Spur (science, paranoia), Your Daily Word Prompt (abstemious, anguish) and My Vivid Blog (pendant, fair, misleading)

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