I really don’t understand who a soul-mate is. I always believed a soul-mate to be a quest rather than a person. But I have a story to share…

We met on the first day of college. Me – big chatter-box, pampered princess, fresh out of an all-girls school. He – complete introvert from a modest family, fresh out of an all-boys school. Conversation was awkward until we realised that we read the same kind of books. That triggered a great friendship.

We never really dated. I was brought up with the constant warning  – girls from good families do not go out with boys alone. We hung out as a gang; within that gang we bonded.

At some point he professed, ‘I think I love you’.

Ever the pragmatist, I had a dozen reasons why that was not a good idea. Sensible reasons like we are too young to conservative reasons like our families will never agree.

For the next 15 years we did not speak.

We met again at our batch’s 20th reunion party. A smile was all it took and we were friends again. We would meet up for coffee about once a month. The comfort was there. Conversation flowed easily. We shared our life stories. Whenever life hit a bump and we needed a friend it was time for coffee.

Ten years later he professed, ‘I think I still love you’.

And I replied, ‘I think I love you too.’

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Tale Weaver prompt – Soul Mates

I would have liked to end this story with a ‘…and they lived happily ever after.’ but the pragmatist in me reserves comment.

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