The flies of Pondy loved the sweet shop down the road
For old Mrs. Betty had gotten so old
The treats were left uncovered like an open buffet
So now it was the flies’ favourite hangout all day

All but little Inzy who wanted to explore
Just eating and sleeping he thought a bore
So off he went zipping helter and smelter
Until he stumbled upon grandson Freddy’s computer

How magical to be able to message friends out of town
Without actually having to fly on down
I am going to learn to write and read
Who said it’s not possible for my little breed

He watched all day and he practiced at night
Leaving random messages on the screen giving the boy quite a fright
Every day the other flies called him a fool
Never has a fly ever gone to school.

Then one day when all the humans were gone
Old Mrs. Betty dozed off leaving the stove on
‘The store is burning,’ screamed the flies as they fled
Ignoring the poor old lady asleep on the bed

Only Inzy refused to abandon their shelter
For the brave young lad was no deserter
He may be a fly, he may be all alone
But in the house there was a phone

He hopped from key to key without hesitation
For the literate fly knew the number of the fire-station
Very soon there was smoke billowing out
At the very same moment he could hear the siren’s shout

The firemen came and broke down the door
Very soon the fire was no more
The prompt call ensured the fire did not spread
Else many others tonight would not have a bed

Young Inzy, he became a hero amongst the flies
He had after all saves some lives
None argued with him, no more taunts, no more fights
For Inzy had proved how important it was to read and write


Writing is my superpower

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