On the verge…

Storm clouds canal boats purple
photo by Federico Beccari via Unsplash

They were surrounded on all sides – the waters were rising, the air was polluted, and mutant virus were at their door.

The men in charge were at a stalemate – was it happening? was it their problem? were the scientists being too dramatic?

Where does a refuge go if the moon is not colonized and there is no safe place upon Earth?

Written in response to Sonya’s Three Line Tales photo prompt #294

Dromedarian Legends

photo by Pradeep Gopal via Unsplash

What legends do your ancestors tell?

They who knew the builders well

The only to survive the pharaoh’s fell


Written in response to Sonya’s Three Line Tales 293 photo prompt.

If animals could tell their legends, we could truly rewrite history. Imagine if a cockroach story-teller emerged…

If the world were all me

“If there were a zillion of me, what a perfect world it would be,

No opposing opinions, no one who will disagree.”


“Do you see no problem in that, like a lack of variety?

Or a world drowning under a deluge of pompous vanity?”


“Is the world going to drown? Go under the sea?

Bit of a problem I suppose, if there is no one else around to take the blame but me!”


photo by Keith Champaco via Unsplash

Written in response to Week 287 of Three Line Tales.

The Cottage

photo by Grace Wang via Unsplash

The warm lights beckoned like a beacon of hope – of a place to rest, perhaps a meal, hopefully a phone…

The inviting aroma of coffee and freshly baked cookies didn’t let him wonder about the unusualness of an unlocked door.

Until, suddenly, all the lights went out and a blood-curdling shriek pierced the stillness.


Written in response to The Three Line Tales #285