The Game

The headlines took me by surprise.

Federal agents on Tuesday morning raided and shut down The County Hotel believed to be used by crack cocaine dealers as the site of their drug and prostitution business.
During the raid, made based on an anonymous tip, three men were arrested and charges filed against two others, for cocaine distribution and attempted cocaine dealing.
According to the investigation led by U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives with local police, the motel owners made money by charging drug dealers or prostitutes the going nightly rate to rent the rooms, then charged visitors who came to buy drugs or sex a cover charge for entering the property.

“Bloody Hell! Isn’t that the hotel that you were considering buying?” I asked.

“Not considering, I’m going to buy it, and I’m going to get it for a song too.”

I looked at the cold hearted bastard sitting there smirking like the cat that has eaten the canary and got a really really bad feeling at the pit of my stomach.

“You don’t get successful by playing by the rules my friend. You get successful by playing with the rules,” he continued.

Written for The Sunday Photo Fiction – January 22nd 2017 using Daily Word Prompt Successful