The new Pied Piper

Let us speak of mice and men, for indeed we live in interesting times.

The capitalist Pied Piper has shrunk our world to the confines of his kaleidoscope, and media is his instrument of choice. The great puppeteer has us addicted to consumerism, to his mighty malls with their bargain sales and food courts. Who we are, what do we want and where we wish to be – he decides, he dictates.

But not to me.
I, the thinker, the artist, the lover, the non-conformist. I make my own music, swim against the tide for humanity.

For we are men, not mice, and this world is no fable.

My 108 words reaction to the picture by Mert Guller hosted as part of Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 46 challenge.


I watch the jeep come to a stop. He steps out and all my synapses fire. I need him like a bird needs air.

A petite brunette opens the door. With a little make up she could probably pass off as pretty, but she is no match for him. Yet his face lights up as they reach for one another.

This is the reason he is always in such a hurry to leave.

The door shuts like a slap across my face.

The Emersons‘, the name plate reads.

He’s married, my brain warns me. Does it matter, jeers the green monster.

In response to Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 38 photo challenge

Kids Rule

I am beyond trying to understand some people’s motives.

Normally I have a thumb rule – empathy. I try to put myself in their shoes to understand why they are behaving in a certain way. Usually that works. At least it helps calm me down. But there are times, such as this week, when try as I might, I still cannot fathom certain behaviours.

Two of my fellow volunteers at the orphanage are having a major ego clash. These are people having successful day jobs. Their alleged purpose here is to give back to society. Their emphatic rhetoric is that God will reward. And yet…

Over the last three days I have received messages from both, each accusing the other of being dominating and autocratic. Why? How does it matter who is doing what and how, as long as results are delivered. You are not going to get a raise or a promotion for being the boss. Then why do these things matter. Why do you feel the incessant need to tout everything you have done to everyone. Why does it bother you if someone else has edged ahead of you in the race for recognition. Its like in their mind there is this hypothetical pedestal with room for only one at the top.

But… This is an orphanage. You are here for the kids and the kids do not care which aunty is instructing the superintendent on job allocation, or which aunty bought 26 nice new chairs this month.

And as for God, well I have a sneaky suspicion that he’s not going to be too thrilled that you decided to autocratically allocate the recognition department to mortals and the rewards department to him.

For a while I was tempted to quit, to get away from these crazy ladies. Soon I realised that I was focusing on the wrong things. Bottom line – the bathroom is being cleaned more frequently and there are now 26 new red chairs. A WhatsApp chat can be cleared with one swipe of the finger, and pent up stress can be released with one Stream of Consciousness rant 😉

Kids rule.