The Next Teardrop

Before the next teardrop falls

I’m going to get out… I’m going to stand tall…

The paths I take may be lined with thorns

The turns I take may be all wrong

But the mistakes I make will all be mine

With these scratches and bruises I will be fine

I will wear them like a badge of pride

I will stand tall because I know that I tried

Enough tears have I spent a victim of your pride

Enough nights I have wept… enough have I tried

The next teardrop that falls

I will dust off… I will stand tall.

Written in response to the Thursday Inspiration #121: Before the next teardrop falls

Long Crossed

It was a simple mansion built at a modest investment. The entire construction was slipshod. There were fault lines on the walls and the tiles on the roof looked like they would fall off soon. The family had been looted properly by the builders. No wonder the kids had abandoned it and moved to the city. The hedges around were sun burnt. Evidently the gardener was not being paid enough to come around regularly.

I walked up to the family cemetery beyond the pasture. It was an old and elegant plot. The biggest grave had a grand tombstone with the figure of an angel with outspread wings kneeling upon it. That was the Baron. His wife and other descendants rested around him. The smaller graves at the other end had no plaques. If you do not have a title then you are dismissed as anonymous I suppose.  

I continued walking until I reached the railway line. In a few more minutes the train would arrive. By the time someone smells it and unlocks the mansion, I would be long gone.


Written for Jim Adams’ Thursday Inspiration prompt “Crime”, using word prompts from FOWC (fault, anonymous), Word of the Day (loot, simple), Your Daily Word Prompt (kneel, slipshod), The Daily Spur (investment, wing), Ragtag Daily Prompt (on the roof, burn), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (pasture, tombstone).