The Daily Paper

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Twas a time

the newspaper was essential to the day;

Until it was devoured everything else could stay.

Every character printed treated as official proclamation

The editorials were matters of great contemplation.

What comes in now is just ‘the daily paper’

Even its relevance, is starting to taper!

Sports and sales are usually the only perused subject

The rest sadly is viewed under the lens of fact check!!!

Written in response to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #225

wk 225 newspaper

A Rally

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Marshal the crowds;

the leaders have failed.

Let the voice of the multitude rouse the powerful from slumber.

Stomp your foot in righteous indignation;

Be the quake that triggers a tsunami of change.

Upset the balance, reset the world.

Written in response to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #224 where we are challenged to write using ‘Marshal’ in exactly 39 words

wk 224 marshal

Pre-loved: for Sale

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He’s little mature, but your daughter is no virgin either. Sent home widowed in 3 months; the scent of misfortune clings to her. 15 years is no big gap for a man so virile. Half the year he will sail around the world and she will only have his 5 children to look after. Like a queen she can flit from sale to sale. Grab the alliance before someone else does.

Disney Image: Matchmaker from Mulan

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Saturday Mix Double Take Challenge where we are asked to use the homophones sent/scent and sale/sail and Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #223 where we are challenged to write using “Pre-loved” in exactly 71 words.



Keep your fire

Guard it

If your light blinds them, let them turn away

Dazzle unapologetically

You are a creature nurtured by earth and sun

You have the right to fire, heat and passion


Be the sun around whom planets orbit

Let them fight your gravity if they dare

Blaze boldly


Hold your own reign

Frigid winters, gentle springs, sweltering summers

The decision is only yours to make

Be unwavering


Experience love, life and passion

A life without pride or passion is a life unlived

Live to the fullest



Written in response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing prompt, where the word is “glow.”

An attempt to write

I come from a generation that vividly recalls how impressive and decorous news anchors once were. The current lot merely voices the words of their masters. News reporting is biased. Debate panelists do foolish things and indulge in ridiculous shenanigans that deter gainsay. Editorials are evidence of brain dump of vacuous minds. Sensible prime-time reporting is now a dream.

Is there a point to my rant?

Well, I’m just overcoming a minor writer’s block, have word prompts to cover, and more importantly, have become old and cranky I suppose!

Written in response to the Weekend Writing Prompt and written using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (vacuous), Word of the Day Challenge (impressive), Ragtag Daily Prompt (foolish things), The Daily Spur (point, dump), Your Daily Word Prompt (decorous, gainsay), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (dream)

Corporate politics

His blank reaction plunged me from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley.

Our native tongues were foreign to each other.

I cussed myself for having allowed Tom to inveigle me into this assignment. He had set me up to fail.  This was beyond competitive, this was vicious. I was reaching the end of my tether. But lamenting is pointless. I would shoot him at our next reunion. For now, I pulled up the iTranslate app.

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Written in response to

(1) Sami Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #216, where we are required to write in exactly 80 words using the word prompt “Tether”

wk 216 tether

(2) Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Saturday Mix Opposing Forces, where we are required to use the words native & foreign and mountain & valley

(3) Word prompts from FOWC (lament), Word of the Day (reunion), Your Daily Word Prompt (cussed), The Daily Spur (reaction), Ragtag Daily Prompt (inveigle), MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day (shoot).

That Unknown feeling

The café began to feel like her only real home.

The blended aroma of freshly baked bread and freshly brewed coffee and the banter with familiar patrons, had become her comfort and bliss.

That would end soon.

She had her diploma and didn’t need the job any more.

Why then was the thought of going back to the place of her birth feeling so wrong?

wk 214 unknown

Written in response to two challenges:

  1. Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s First Line Friday that challenges us to start with the line ” The café began to feel like her only real home.”
  2. Sammi Cox’s Weekend writing prompt #214 that challenges us to use the theme “Unknown” and write in exactly 65 words.