I would like to be more proactive, especially in my interpersonal relationships. 

The few people in my life find me stable and supportive but they always tell me that I leave them feeling like I don’t need them as much as they do me. Primarily because I rarely initiate contact. I don’t like that. I don’t like that I make the people I love doubt the depth of my love. Additionally it just never strikes me to make follow up calls to someone who has been ill or recently bereaved. I never remember birthdays and other special days. I will put my life on hold and be there for you in a crisis… but then I cannot wish a crisis upon people just so that they realize that I care.

This is something that I really need to fix about myself… and yet, I find myself unable to change.


Written in response to Fandango’s Provocative Question #129: What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself and why?

Cause we stained this world in blood


The world after would be scarlet.

Why? Because we did the blue planet thing – it was a man’s world. Housekeeping was bad (no pun intended), we could not sustain, and it all went to shit. No point in seeking forgiveness… we just need to seek better.

Time to think pink… and rainbow.   

That’s the accord. The patriarchy had a marathon run. It’s time to mix it up. Erase old prejudices. Think out of the box. Forget he/she/they/them… too confusing. Let everything be it. Human kind, animal kind, organic, inorganic – let it all be it.  Drop this assumption that mankind tops all other species. Develop a more sustainable and fair model of existence.

Let the world after have an after.

Written in response to Tale Weaver of 5 Aug 21 that asks us to imagine The World After; using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (sustain), Word of the Day Challenge (scarlet), Ragtag Daily Prompt (marathon), The Daily Spur (forgiveness), Your Daily Word Prompt (accord) and My Vivid Blog (tops)

King of the Wordle

“I have diverticulitis?”

“What’s that? An irritating ability to divert attention to yourself?”

black and white ceramic figurine
Adrian Swancar on Unsplash 

He shook his head so vehemently that I half expected it to snap and fly off.

Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between genuine cluelessness and faked innocence. No such doubt here. This schmo definitely fell under the former category. Winning the Wordle challenge would not just get us extra credits but also give us cachet with the literature club. Here we were about to get defeated and he was oblivious of that.

“We are going to lose because of you,” I hissed. “We have but a minute to rap this Wordle.”

Before I could shout any further, he stepped on to the stage and began…

The tocsin is sounding and I step forward like a rocket

Don’t pinch your nose girl, I got the contest in my pocket

I see the people on the fence and their looks so prejudicial

This brother’s gonna lick his wounds when the judges blow their whistle

No lookin crestfallen girl, like your future’s gonna wobble

I may be standing on a pile of shit but I ain’t gonna topple

This brother’s come out of the edges and he’s here to win this battle

Rap is in my blood and I am the king of the Wordle.

<mic drop>


<thundering applause>

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #252 (Pinch, Nose, Topple, Tocsin- a signal, especially of alarm, sounded on a bell or bells., Contest, Forward, Crestfallen, Fence, Edge, Pile, Whistle, Lick), and Photo Challenge #376; also Fandango’s Story Starter #5 (Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between…); using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (oblivious), Word of the Day Challenge (schmo), Ragtag Daily Prompt (diverticulitis), The Daily Spur (defeated), Your Daily Word Prompt (cachet)

A new beginning

A father must not have favourites. But she was mine.

She was my gentle beauty. Her brothers were boisterous dare-devils. Getting into brawls, breaking the neighbors’ windows, breaking their own bones. My wife credits them with her premature grey hair. Her sisters were just a little better. Demanding more clothes than any girl could possibly need, sneaking over to their friend’s houses to try on ridiculous cosmetics, and watching the trash that passes off for movies nowadays. No doubt all three girls had inherited their mother’s good looks, and I thank the Lord for that, but she was the only one who had inherited her mother’s modesty. And wasn’t a woman’s true beauty her modesty.

But the devil had come calling and my naïve little girl had been way-laid. She had failed the Lord’s test and brought dis-honour to the family. And in so doing she had put me to the test. As the head of the family I had to be firm and to do what was right for the entire family. I had two daughters who needed to be wed. I had grand-children who had to be raised in the path of righteousness. Two wrongs do not make a right; but an action taken to right a wrong cannot be considered a wrong. To salvage the honour of the family, it had to be done. For what is a man without his honour?

The Lord had put me to the test. I did what I had to do. And now we shall speak of her no more.

We shall move to a new town. This family shall have a new beginning.  

Palm finger print blood silhouette Transparent PNG

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Tale Weaver 29.07.21 – A question of perspective challenge; also using My Vivid Blog’s Today’s Prompt #1 (beginning)

The challenge was to write from the villain’s POV.

The line

Don’t cross the line! Stay on the straight path.

But riddle me this…. What is a line? Is a line still a line when you change your perspective?

Maybe it looks like a line cause you are just too far away. Maybe when you get really really close, you will realize that the line is just a series of dots with sufficient space between for you to go past. Or perhaps you will discover that it is actually a path, albeit narrow, that you could actually walk along cause it meanders just enough to give you the room you need.

Then there is the other perspective. Maybe you think it’s a line cause you are too far embedded in it. From a bird’s eye perspective your line would be a dot and you would realize that unless you wanted to stagnate, you must cross the line.

And riddle number 2: How would you know if you were actually viewing from the right perspective? Is there even a right perspective?

Written for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Straight or Narrow

If the world were all me

“If there were a zillion of me, what a perfect world it would be,

No opposing opinions, no one who will disagree.”


“Do you see no problem in that, like a lack of variety?

Or a world drowning under a deluge of pompous vanity?”


“Is the world going to drown? Go under the sea?

Bit of a problem I suppose, if there is no one else around to take the blame but me!”


photo by Keith Champaco via Unsplash

Written in response to Week 287 of Three Line Tales.

Sweltering Evenings

“August approached in a golden sweltering haze. Samson lifted the edge of his shirt to wipe his brow. She could see the sweat glistening on his perfectly chiselled abdomen”

I could not bear to read any more.

As ridiculous as it may sound, I shared a lovehate relationship with the heroine of my novella.

She was curvaceous and it was raining men on her; I was chubby and facing an eternal drought! She had spent the last three chapters taking one tumble in the hay after another, while the closest that I was getting to any sort of dalliance was taking matters into my own hands. That buxom, brainless Jezebel. I had coined over a dozen hateful names for her. Oh my God… I was actually jealous of a fictional character. Had I no minimum standards left for myself?

I needed to stop, curtail my obsession, get over this phase, and get a real life. This relationship was becoming insidious… Relationship? Did I actually call it a relationship? I was completely losing my mind.

I stared at the book. It kept calling out to me. One more measly chapter, I though. Yes, I was a masochist.

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Image: Pinterest

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s First Line Friday and Saturday Opposing Forces (love/hate, rain/drought) challenges, using word prompts from Fandango’s One Word Challenge (insidious, coin), Word of the Day (dalliance, curvaceous), Your Daily Word Prompt (measly, curtail), The Daily Spur (read, minimum), Ragtag Daily Prompt (tumble, over)


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt ‘the last photo you took’ asks us to write about what comes to mind when we look at the last photo that we took.

The last photo that I clicked was of a key.

Keys… Life gives us all these keys but leaves it to us to find their missing locks. Do we have the patience, the perseverance and the will to do what it takes to find that locked door and unlock it? Do we have the wisdom to know which door to unlock and which to leave locked? These little tests decide the story of our lives.

I had a lot of keys that I have been too unsure of myself to use. A lot of the times I have just walked through doors that someone else opened for me. Did I always take the right path? No. Did I always take the wrong path? In all fairness I have to reply in the negative to that too. Sure, had I taken all the decisions on my own, I might have taken many of them differently. I might have written myself a different story.

But I realise that I cannot move forward while I am looking back. I still hold some keys. I can still make choices. Age has taught me that I need to walk through some ‘wrong’ doors before I can get to the ‘right’ ones.

So here’s to using some more keys… and may the journey be interesting…